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By Dr. Francisco Marcucci Dear reader for me it is a pleasant satisfaction to be back in these pages and be able to share my understanding of what has been the evolution in the upbringing of the Peruvian Paso breed. When I started as a breeder of the Peruvian horse several decades ago, the Peruvian […]

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The duty of our PERUVIAN PASO HORSE!

Sergio Federico Usandivaras Breeder # 308 Official Judge  “A” OF THE PERUVIAN PASO AAC CABALLO It is imperative that we have clear guidelines on the judging, development, positive and negative evaluations of the horses! It is not alien to those who belong to this great family of the PERUVIAN PASO HORSE, that the results of the shows, were, are and will be a guide based on which the standards will be followed in the breeding, […]

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Brio Defined

By: Harriette Jump The night of December 4, 2018 started with a loud bang, then darkness. It was about 6:30, maybe a bit later, but suddenly the air inside smelled of smoke and there was no electricity. I asked my husband if he could smell smoke, and he said no. […]

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The Three Pillars of a Peruvian Horse Breeding Program

By: Ben Sawatzky The activity of a breeding program must be a highly scientific endeavour, supported by a lengthy study of the breed, the bloodlines and the activities of long term successful breeders. This bank of scientific knowledge is then sprinkled with the tastes, the likes and dislikes of the […]

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First Efficiency Championship of the Peruvian Paso Horse

By Flavio Carillo Photos by Doma Natural Peru When talking with my friend Fernando Risso on the problems of the Peruvian Paso Horse we always ended up disagreeing because we see things in different ways and have different points of view. Until we decided to make the first Efficiency Championship […]

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The Importance of Trimming of Foals

By Guri Sosa The trimming of foals in the first few months of life is crucial to the longevity and useful life of the horse. It is advisable to make the first trimming in the 20 or 25 days of life, under normal conditions; if the foal is born with […]

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A Dream of a Mare…

By Raul Risso   I had a dream where a mare appeared, … a mare ridden by a true artist who showed her slow, beautiful cadence, almost sensual, flowing through the arena to dazzle my sight, where others ran past her to show their horses in a “race”, knowing full […]

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My Friend B, In Celebration of Barbara Windom

    By Felipe Thorndike & Kerry McGinley I met Barbara in Lima in the early 1990s. She came to Peru invited by Peter Koechlin and lured by the Peruvian Paso breed because she wanted to keep riding and needed a smooth horse to keep her back ailments in check. […]

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