A Dream of a Mare…

By Raul Risso


I had a dream where a mare appeared,

… a mare ridden by a true artist who showed her slow, beautiful cadence, almost sensual,

flowing through the arena to dazzle my sight, where others ran past her to show their horses

in a “race”, knowing full well their mounts only shine at a fast speed, as if they were American Saddlebreds in its impressive “running walk”.

The others, incapable of performing the same “air” of pisos as the chestnut mare, with her rider, elegantly distancing themselves from the others, and in that way he  presented her,… collected, as well extended, in her synchronous paca paca.

Showing she was unique, she said NO! … and…she whispered to me:

I am Peruvian!

I had a dream that was worth a thousand words…