Cadence is His Name

The stall door opens, an impressive stallion comes out,
His black mane, curly and velvety plays in the wind,
His fine ears are seen as two spear tips,
… he is chrome in movement.

He moves as the old war horses,
Snorting and marking his steps with purpose,
Ready to go into battle,
… Rider and stallion are one.

The public is silent and observes with delight,
What they see before their eyes justifies his presence at the event,
And the competition has not even begun…
Yet, we already have a winner.

He passes in front of the stands, ignited, arrogant, energetic,
With his tail glued to his legs, without a single movement
Neither in the vertical nor the horizontal, with the same energy of the first step,
Continue, continue, continue.

At a distance it seems he is travelling on rails,
His overreach driving his front end with the termino and lift we all love,
He never misses a beat, I close my eyes and listen to the music of his “Paca,Paca”,
… cadence is his name.

After his difficult class, between applause, the judge as expected,
Declares him the winner, of course without ignorning the other competitors,
… HE is the stallion that the judge himself would use with his best mares,
Without a doubt he will be “Champion of the Year”.

* * *

RING RING … the alarm clock rings,
It’s six in the morning,
I must get up,
Today our stallion competes…I can’t wait to see how the show goes!…

Julio A. Ponciano                                                                     Guatemala, 2010