Comments, #3

 By Dr. Francisco Marcucci

Through time the breeders of Peruvian Paso horses have made significant progress in the showcasing of the adornments of the front end of the horse, but have left behind the natural function of the rear, breeding an intense horse.

In the articles I’ve read and conversations I’ve had recently by both writers as well as with friends, they feel confused of these new changes.  Although not wishing to accept this change, it should be understood that it has been influenced by judging in the breeding of the Peruvian Paso horse.

The subject of pisos and its real function has been overlooked, so much so, that for some horses it is simply a secondary requirement, where it is equal to any other quality of the horse, instead of being the most important to the owner.

Dear reader, I think that there is still time to meditate on this acute problem, which most have not wanted to take into consideration with the importance it deserves. It is important to convey our feelings to the National Association of Peru,  for our Alma Mater, to take the necessary measures to rescue the natural function of the Peruvian Paso Horse as the entity responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the breed. Considering the above, they should start this process as soon as possible through their body of judges, because they are the representatives and those responsible for maintaining the quality standards of both form as well as function in all the countries where they are invited to judge.

The first step should be reducing the speed at which the horses are presented in the show ring in order to determine which horses are the elastic and natural, and which horses are the hard and rough.

In advance I thank thanks for the contribution of achieving this goal.