Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club

Club website:

Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club was founded in 1978 and its primary objectives as set out in the bylaws are:
To enhance public awareness of the Peruvian Horse, including the history, attributes, performance and utility of the breed.
To sponsor activities, including (but not limited to) horse shows, trail rides and training clinics, within the Southern California area.
  • To foster and promote youth participation in all aspects of the Peruvian Horse.
  • To provide information and assistance to members regarding the training, showing, breeding and usefulness of the Peruvian Horse.
  • To support and assist the U.S. National Peruvian Paso Horse organization, the North American Peruvian Horse Association (NAPHA).
  • To promote harmony and mutual support among Peruvian Horse owners and aficionados.


Membership to Los Amigos is very reasonable and we try hard to provide good value for member dues. The benefits and activities of the Los Amigos Peruvian Paso Club include:
  • The Amigo Newsletter is generally published 3 or 4 times each year, depending on the amount of news and happenings. It’s mailed first class to the membership or sent electronically.
  • The Los Amigos Championship Show is held every summer. It is run by the rules of the parent organization, NAPHA, and it receives points toward their year end awards. It also receives points from its sister club, SCPPHC (Southern California Peruvian Paso Horse Club), towards their own year-end awards. This show is typically held in Santa Barbara in July.
  • Los Amigos also proudly supports Fiesta of the Spanish Horse. with publicity, volunteers and in an advisory capacity for the Peruvian Horse Division of the horse show held in conjunction with the Fiesta. This event is generally the first weekend in May.
  • Los Amigos coordinates and supports promotional activities at various equine expositions held in Southern California. Plans are already in the works for Los Amigos’ participation in the 2010 Equine Affaire which will include a booth complete with a stall for the public to meet a Peruvian Horse. The booth provides information from our member-breeders in the area, horses for sale and general information about the breed. Presentations of horses and tack are scheduled throughout the event. Volunteers provide the literature and try to answer the zillions of questions coming from the public.
  • The Los Amigos General Membership Meeting is held each December, usually at the ranch of one of the members. The purpose of the meeting is to provide the yearly meeting, as well as the elections for the Board of Directors for the following year.
  • The Los Amigos Website offers a network of contacts, a resource for past show results, information on the breed, our members and activities. We hope that you like our new website and find it useful.