Dr. Francisco Marcucci

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By Francisco Marcucci Nature and genetics have combined over time under the supervision of man to create different breeds of domestic animals, for their own benefit. In this way they have achieved the various extraordinary individual breeds that fill the desired expectations today.      Our current Peruvian horse was part of this […]

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Po Francisco Marcucci      La naturaleza y la genética se han combinado atreves del tiempo bajo la supervisión del hombre para crear las diferentes razas de animales domésticos existentes, para su propio beneficio. De esta manera se han podido alcanzar en las diferentes razas individuales extraordinarias que llenan las expectativas […]

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By Dr. Francisco Marcucci Dear reader for me it is a pleasant satisfaction to be back in these pages and be able to share my understanding of what has been the evolution in the upbringing of the Peruvian Paso breed. When I started as a breeder of the Peruvian horse several decades ago, the Peruvian […]

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